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Emily takes select horses into full training for competition experience as well as to continue their advancement up the training scale. In addition to traditional training, her horse's weekly program also includes stretching work, field work, caveletti work, and hacking. Emily has also successfully prepared multiple young mares for the German Oldenburg, Hanoverian and Dutch mare tests and presented a stallion for licensing. 

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Emily competing a sales horse she has trained to PSG

Young Horse Starting 

Emily uses a slow, calm approach to begin the young dressage horse's career under saddle. UpHill Dressage's program teaches them all of the important life skills they will need in the future to become successful competition horses. In addition to becoming lovely riding horses we also train young horses to cross-tie, bath, clip, load on trailers, lunge and long-line. Emily's young horses are trained as 'dressage horses' from the start and are taught from the very beginning to respond to light hand, seat and leg aids. Stretching work, cavalettis and hacking are also an intregal part of the education of her young horses. It is paramount to her that her horses learn to love their job and love their people. 



Emily starting a 3 year old mare


Emily takes on select horses for training and sales. Included in her sales package is the daily training of the horse and all marketing materials including; high quality video of the horse being ridden and the horse free running, high quality photographs of the horse's conformation and the horse undersaddle, and written advertisements. The sales horse will always be professionally presented, bathed and braided when shown to sales clients, and refreshments for visiting clients will be provided. Assistance in accommodation and travel planning for clients is also included. 

Her commission and rates are very affordable, please contact for more info! 


Zazzles Head 3.jpg

Pictured is a sales horse groomed and photographed by Emily 

Young Horse Development

Emily has selected, developed, started under saddle, competed and sold many young NA bred and imported young horses. She travels regularly to Germany and the Netherlands each year, attends auctions, privately sources young horses and manages the development of top young stock for clients in Canada and Germany. The professional handling, growth, and health care of tomorrows future athletes is top priority. UpHill Dressage also privately owns some select young horses we are very excited to develop for the future. 


One of UpHill Dressage's young horses that

was purchased as a foal

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