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Matching the correct horse with the correct rider is vital for success long term. Each horse listed below was trained and sold by UpHill Dressage and the majority of the sold horses were also started under saddle by us! 
Oliver Confo.JPG

Oliver VM : Oliver was purchased from his breeder Von Martels Dressage unbroke and was started under saddle and developed at Uphill Dressage prior to selling to a US Grand Prix dressage rider. We are thrilled about this match for this kind, talented and special gelding. His gaits are only bested by his mind. 

Sochi : A 10 year old German Oldenburg mare who was put through her Mare Performance Testing and developed to 3rd Level prior to finding her new dressage home after being restarted at Uphill Dressage. She heads off to a wonderful dressage home with a vet. 

Sochi Conformation Oct.JPG

Grey : A stunning imported 5 year old German Oldenburg mare by Grey Flanell was started under saddle and developed prior to selling to the East Coast to a wonderful dressage home. We expect big things from this small talented mare! 

Laurier Conformation.JPG

Laurier : A 11 year old Hanoverian gelding shown in jumpers, hunters and 3rd Level dressage found his new dressage home after a couple months of polishing at Uphill Dressage. 

Freddie Conformation 2.JPG

Fine By Me : A imported 4 year old German Oldenburg gelding with lovely gaits, a kind temperament and stunning looks was imported and sold to a wonderful new dressage home. 

Finn Conformation.JPG

Franzisko : A lovely 3 year old Hanoverian gelding who was started under saddle and sold by us. He found himself a wonderful home in the USA and has already been enjoying success in the show ring.

Mabiola : Is a beautiful 2022 Hanoverian filly by Morricone. She was foaled out and raised at Uphill and has sold to a wonderful home where she will be prepared to become a dressage horse. We look forward to her bright future. 

Rey 2.JPG

Veritas : Is a handsome 4 year old Hanoverian gelding sired by Vitalis out of an Elite Don Schufro mare. He was bred by Butternut Ridge and raised by Emily. He was started under saddle this summer and this fall found his wonderful dressage home in the USA. He has been a great guy to raise and work with and we wish him much love in his new life. 

Veritas Conformation 2.JPG

Davidson : 6 year old Hanoverian gelding imported from Germany by De Niro. This talented boy was owned by Butternut Ridge and has sold to a professional rider in the US. He has all the attributes one wants for upper level future and we couldn't be happier with a fantasic home he has headed to. 

Davidson 1.JPG

 Namaste : 4 year old KWPN gelding by Franklin. He had a teddy bear personality and FEI quality gaits. He sold to a top dressage home in the USA (the second Uphill horse to go to that stable) to a wonderful AdAm owner. We are looking forward to seeing great things in the future from this talented kind boy. 


Happy Go Lucky : 5 year old German Oldenburg Mare who was owned, raised, and started under saddle by Emily. She showed a talent for both dressage and over fences as a hunter and has sold to a wonderful home in the USA where she will be developed in both areas. 

Lucky Conformation (2).JPG

Stax : 6 year Hanoverian Gelding bred in Canada by Heather Whitten. Stax came to Emily as a 3 year old for kindergarten and then again when older for development and sales. He is a kind, sensitive, talented boy with a big fuutre ahead. He has sold to an FEI rider in Ontario. We look forward to his very bright future ahead! 

Stax Conformation.JPG

Final Touch : 5 year German Oldenburg Gelding bred in Germany by Gerd Pigge and owned by Butternut Ridge. Final Touch came to Emily as a 3 year old. He hails from a very strong sport dam-line and is a stunning, impressive boy. He has sold to an professional FEI rider in Wellington FL. We look forward to his very bright future ahead! 

Final Touch Conformation.JPG

Neazou: 3.5 year KWPN Gelding bred and raised by Winsome Farms and started under saddle by Emily and Andrea. Neazou came to us as a late 2 year old for 'kindergarten' then returned at 3 to begin his under saddle career in earnest. He is a talented, kind gelding with 3 high quality gaits. He has sold to an professional FEI rider in Wellington FL and we look forward to following his bright future. 

Neazou Conformation.JPG

Touch of Totilas: 6 year Hanoverian Mare who bred and raised by Butternut Ridge and started under saddle by Emily. Touch of Totilas is out of Betrina who Emily competed to PSG and has developed into a wonderful dressage partner. She has sold to the southern US to an excellent dressage home and we cannot wait to see her blossom in her journey as she continues to excel in her training. 


Heirmosa: 4 year German Oldenburg Mare who was owned, raised, and started under saddle by Emily. Heirmosa is a wonderful kind, smart and talented girl who will excel in her new professional dressage home. She has been a joy to raised and develop and will be greatly missed around the farm. Her special temperament is one in a hundred. 


Favourite Game: 8 year Hanoverian Gelding bred by Sunnydays Hanoverians started under saddle for his owner by Emily when he was 4 years of age. A wonderful, kind, all round talented boy who has found a wonderful young rider to partner with for FEI JR competition. 

Ferg Conformaiton.JPG

 “We recently purchased Favourite Game an 8 year old Hanoverian for my daughter who is looking to move forward with her riding. Emily and Andrea have been a wonderful help and support right from the first meeting of them.  They always responded in timely manner and with the information needed in order for us to find the right horse for my daughter.  It was not an easy task as my daughter was unable to ride at the time due to accident from another horse.  With the help of her Coach, Emily and Andrea supported us every way possible, they were completely transparent with his health and temperament.  We felt comfortable every time we were within the facility and with the purchase. Emily has continued to follow up even weeks after making sure all is going well.”


///Lisa Roddy

Little Britain, ON

Final Answer: 6 year Hanoverian Gelding bred in Germany and imported when he was 3 years of age. He has developed into a kind, gentle and willing partner under saddle and found a wonderful match. 

“I worked with Emily Hill to find the perfect Adult Amateur horse for me based on her stellar reputation for matching horses and riders. Emily introduced me to a number of horses she thought would be suitable and I fell in love with a stunning black 6 year old Hanoverian, Final Answer. Emily was patient, easy going, and most of all totally transparent when it came to his health, history and temperament. Emily will be working with both me and Freddie (as we call him!) to continue his development and we couldn’t be in better hands. Thank you Emily and Uphill Dressage for trusting me with Freddie!”

/// Janice D

Toronto, Ontario 

Final A Confo.JPG

First Class: 6 year Hanoverian Gelding bred in Germany and imported when he was 3 years of age. He has been a true pleasure to raise and develop and has all the qualities one could want for a future FEI horse. He has won himself a wonderful home, a wonderful FEI rider and the backing of a wonderful syndicate. I cannot wait to see his journey!

“We were looking for an FEI prospect to hopefully develop to the Grand Prix level. We called Emily Hill as we knew she had a string of top level prospects coming along. In this group we found First Class. He was so lovely in his character, temperament and talent we fell in love right away. Emily was always professional and up front to deal with. She told us each horses strengths and what they needed to work on the most. It was very refreshing. I highly recommend Emily Hill and Uphill Dressage to anyone looking to find their next partner. This is one happy new horse owner!”

/// Lynsey Rowan

Assistant Trainer, Oakcrest Farm

Stouffville Ontario

First Class Conformation.JPG
Zdravka Conformation.JPG

Pr.St. Zdravka: 7 year old Premium Hanoverian Mare bred by Butternut Ridge. Zdravka was started under saddle and developed by UpHill Dressage for 3 years before selling to a wonderful US dressage home. 

"I recently purchased a Hanoverian mare from Emily Hill.  When I went to her facility for trial rides I was very impressed by the quality of care and training her horses receive.  Emily has a gentle disposition and her horses reflect that.  Zdravka, the mare I purchased has impeccable manners, is level headed and a complete joy to ride. Emily has made the vetting, purchasing and transporting to the states a breeze. She scheduled a saddle fitting while I was there and it is being ridden in and conditioned while my mare is in full training prior to her arrival. Emily is honest, completely trustworthy and a consummate professional.  I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone looking for expert training or in search of a well taken care of, quality horse. She has been a delight to work with!

/// Kimber Beiser

Warren Dressage

Whitehall, Michigan USA

Qhromatic is a handsome 6 year old German Oldenburg gelding bred by Rolling Stone Farm. He was purchased and developed by Emily for 4 years onward had had sold to wonderful home where his talent as a Hunter Jumper is being developed.  

Quantensprung x Shakespeare RSF.jpg

““After looking at Qhromey previously for a client I was thrilled when another client wanted to start looking for another horse. She ended up falling in love with him. I worked with Emily to purchase Qhromey for this client and despite being in a pandemic the process was uncomplicated and easy. Emily was accommodating and helpful throughout the whole process. I look forward to working with her in the future!.” -

/// Paula Fedeyko Horton
Doc Ridge Stables

Puslinch, Ontario

Betrina is a stunning 14 year old imported keur KWPN mare bred. She was developed by Emily for 3 years and competed at Advanced Level with her prior to selling to a wonderful JR rider. 

Betrina Pose.jpg

““We purchased our beautiful KWPN mare Betrina through Emily in the summer of 2020 and the process and sale couldn’t have been easier. Emily was always available and very transparent with x-rays and all information. Emily’s horses are well loved, and their care is excellent. Utmost in Emily’s mind is finding a good and right home for her horses. Betrina arrived at our farm happy, healthy and so calm she just started grazing right away with zero issues. Betrina is very smart, caring, and has a work ethic I didn’t know was possible! We fell in love with Betrina and my daughter Ava (15) will be showing her next season. I highly recommend Emily’s services and Butternut Ridge. Their horses have been trained and cared for with the highest standards.” 

/// Tami O'Dette 
Elmark Farm

Perth, Ontario

Haddington is a beautiful 2 year old registered Hanoverian gelding bred by Maidavale Farm. He has sold to a fantastic professional dressage home in Maine USA where he will be developed for sport. He is full brother to Houghton who has also sold through our sales program. 


“In the Spring of 2020, amidst the “shelter in place” pandemic situation, I purchased a 2 year old Hanoverian named Haddington (Harvard x Dornenprinzessin (Dornenkoenig/Wolkenstein II)) through Emily, sight unseen. I relied on her insight and guidance throughout the process and found her to be attentive, thorough and most importantly, 100% honest and accurate of her assessment of my needs and the suitability of the horse for my purposes. Haddington arrived to my farm confident and happy, well-handled and eager to learn and is everything Emily represented him to be, and more. As we begin his training, his AA friendly temperament is an incredible asset and as he grows into his mile long legs, his natural balance and abilities are shining through. I could not be more pleased with this horse and my experience with Emily and highly recommend her “match-making” services to any adult amateur looking for their next partner.”

/// Alicia Peters-Torry 

Scarlet Day Farm

Gray Maine, USA 

Kataitzi is a  15 year old imported Elite Swedish Warmblood mare and Senora is a 8 year old Hanoverian mare. Both mares were owned by Butternut Ridge and both sold to Dr's Andrea and Gus Stringle

"I have worked with Emily to purchase two wonderful horses Katitzi (Don Schufro x Master 850 x Figaro) and Senora (Sandro Hit x Rotspon x Lauries Crusador xx).  Emily was professional, honest, accommodating and a pleasure to work with.  Both of the horses we purchased from Emily have worked out wonderfully for us and I highly recommend Emily’s services.  She has the very best quality horses that have been trained and care for with the highest of standards.  I plan to continue to work with Emily in the future. 

/// Dr. Andrea Stringle DVM

Merrickville Equine

Merrickville Ontario

Katitzi Head1.jpg
SenoraBody (640x456).jpg
Diego Conformation (1024x883).jpg

Diego: 10 year old Imported RPSI gelding owned by Chris von Gartzen. Diego was developed by UpHill for 6 months before selling to a wonderful US dressage home. 

"I wanted to update you on Diego. He has been AWESOME. I love him to death. There has not been a single thing that I have wanted him to do that he has not done for me. We have done another clinic this past weekend and have improved allot. What a champ. Truly he is very bonded to me. He watches every place that I go and asks to be adored all of the time. My coach really likes him and thinks we are a good match."

/// Pat Carry

Telluride, Colorado USA

QUANTICO: 5 year old German Hanoverian gelding owned by Butternut Ridge. Quantico was developed by Emily for just over one year and sold to a Grand Prix rider. 

"Susan Bresler and I are so so in love with Quantico!!! When we originally spoke I had told you what I was looking for and you didn’t exaggerate one bit about how fantastic a horse Quanti is! You have done such a fabulous job starting this young superstar and he is truly shining more and more every day! Thank you for being so trustworthy, pressure free and honestly wanting the best for Quanti and I! With Belinda Trussell’s guidance and training Susan and I are so excited about this talented, handsome and kind hearted horses future! Thank you Emily and Butternut Ridge!!!! He is the love of my life. He is perfect!"

Abbey Simbrow

/// Abbey Simbrow

Uxbridge, ON Canada

Quanti Confo.jpg

RADIANT: 12 year old German Oldenburg gelding who was was started under saddle and developed by Emily for 6 years to Advanced Level. He was purchased by US rider Catherine Donnellen

Radiant Conformation (2).jpg

" I wanted you to know how much I love him Radiant! He is such a pleaser!!  He knows that I'm his person and tries very hard for me. I have never had a horse like that!! He definitely knows that this is his home. Thank you so very much for letting him come into my life."


/// Catherine Donnellen

Penn Valley, California USA

Happy Hour: 7 year old German Oldenburg gelding who was started under saddle and developed by Emily for three years. He was purchased by US rider Michele French

"After spending two years and experiencing much frustration looking for a new dressage partner, as soon as I found Emily and met Happy Hour I knew my search was over! Emily was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She has a fantastic, positive attitude that is reflected in her horses. Emily provided complete and truthful information about Happy’s health and demeanor. She reduced the stress of the entire process by chauffeuring me to and from the airport, assisting with coordinating the PPE, providing great recommendations for shipping companies, and personally picking up the paperwork necessary for the border crossing. Happy is everything she advertised him to be: willing, intelligent, forgiving, athletic and sweet. He is the perfect adult amateur horse and I feel so blessed to have this handsome boy in my life. Our journey together is just beginning. Thank you Emily; you are a true professional!”


/// Michele French

Graystone Equestrian Center, Quakertown PA USA

Happy Conformaiton (1024x785).jpg

FINESSA: 8 year old KWPN mare bred and owned by Hilton Hall Sport Horses. Finessa was developed by Emily prior to being purchased by US FEI rider Katie O'Brien

Finessa Conformation No Saddle.jpg

"Finessa is doing really well. She is a smart mare with lots of potential!! She is coming along nicely. We are getting ready for another Jeremy Steinberg clinic this week. We also are traveling to Aiken in the winter to ride with Jeremy for a month!”


/// Katie Fox O'Brien

CloverMeade Stables, OH USA

HARVEST MOON: 5 year old German Oldenburg gelding owned by UpHill Dressage. Harvest Moon was developed by Emily for a year and a half. He was purchased by US rider Amy Swegan

"I bought Harvest Moon (Harvard x Duntroon) from Emily in December 2018. I can not say enough good things about Emily or her team. The purchase process, from the initial visit to shipping was a pleasure. She was organized, with all of his pertinent information such as dentistry, vaccinations, farrier work, and feeding all on a printed sheet ready to review. She helped coordinate the Pre-Purchase vetting, had a number of recommendations for shippers, and made sure ‘Harvey’ got safely on his way to me. She kept me up to date with text messages and pictures all along the way. 


I cannot be happier with Harvey. His talent is obvious but his is also sweet, personable, and settled in wonderfully to his new home. Beyond just his training under saddle, he was given the correct foundation to be a wonderful companion. He quickly became a barn favorite, and I look forward to seeing his cute face every day. He is a sweet boy."


/// Amy Swegan

Meadowlane Farms, Ohio USA

Harvest Moon Confo.jpg
Ferigamo Conformation.jpg

FERIGAMO: 5 year old German Oldenburg gelding bred and owned by Butternut Ridge. Ferigamo was developed by Emily for just under two years. He was purchased by US FEI rider Peggy Schuenman. 

"I just bought the most fabulous horse, Ferigamo, from Emily Hill and Butternut Ridge. Emily was great to work with from start to finish. She was very open, honest and professional in every way. She truly cares about the well being of the horses in her care. I love how she started my horse: he's very forward and light in the hand. I love that she exposed him to new situations, riding him outside and on trails and down to FL for the winter. I love how she cared for him: he's so friendly and loves people. I love that he can be clipped, braided, and trailered with no problem. Emily's care and training definitely started him on the right path and I'm so looking forward to years of fun and success with him!"


/// Peggy Schueneman

Chicago, Illinois USA

HOUGHTON: 2.5 year old Hanoverian bred and owned by Kerry Langdon of Maidevale Farm. Houghton was sold to a wonderful equine vet Dr. Danielle Sample and will have a promising career in the show ring. 

"I recently purchased a filly through Emily Hill, bred and owned by Kerry Langdon. Emily was excellent to work with, answered all my questions quickly and honestly. Emily was professional, knowledgeable and accommodating, she made the entire process run smoothly. It was obvious that both Kerry and Emily cared for the filly and wanted to make sure she was matched up with the appropriate person. The horse was turned out beautifully every time we arrived to see her and they were accommodating with the pre-purchase examination and multiple visits and requests. The filly is not only stunning but also very well handled for a youngster - I love her already! I couldn’t be more pleased with the entire experience! If I hear of anyone else looking for a dressage youngster I will be sending them their way."

/// Dr. Danielle Sample DVM

Cambridge Ontario Canada 

Houghton 2.jpg

St.Pr.A. Dark Pearl: German Hanoverian mare bred by Hof Hölschler and owned by Pam Talbot of Westbrook Farms. Dark Pearl was raised and performance tested in Germany prior to being selected for the 2012 Hanoverian Summer Auction where she was discovered by Pam. Upon her importation to NA she spent several years in the hunter ring with Pam's daughters before coming to Emily to return to her dressage career. Dark Pearl's kind temperament and excellent gaits, won her new owners that have used her as a brood mare. 

DIVA: German Hanoverian mare bred by Ernst Ihring and owned by Kathleen Richardson of Sunnydays Hanoverians. Diva was started under saddle by Emily Hill at 3 years of age. She was purchased by professional Dressage rider Alyssa Montgomery.  

"I highly recommend purchasing a horse from Emily. She is incredibly honest, patient and lovely to work with. She has an excellent eye and an uncanny ability to match horses and riders. I bought a 4 year old Hanoverian mare, from Emily in August of 2015. Emily went above and beyond, answering all my questions and fulfilling any request. She was forthcoming about the horse's strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to make an informed decision. Emily was happy to let me try the horse several times, and each time I went Emily conducted herself in a kind, profressional manner and the horse was always beautifully turned out and ridden. It was definitely the best experience I had from trying various horses over the last few months. I am so happy to now be the owner of a horse who feels like she was custom made for me! Thank you Emily!!!


/// Alyssa Montgomery

Guelph Ontario Canada

"Today Huddy went on his second ride here and he was amazing. Dick got on him at the mounting block in front of the barn and he strolled along with his entourage of four canine pals and me. About fifty feet from the barn he spotted an old half inflated soccer ball that the dogs had been playing with, so he goes to the ball and picks it up and starts walking with it in his mouth.  He dropped it and I gently kicked it ahead of him and he fetched it again.  So adorable! The rest of the ride was spent on the buckle snooping around the xc fences and checking out the dressage ring. We love him to pieces."


/// Kathi and Dick Bayly

Two Hearts Farm, Kingston Ontario Canada

WRED ALERT: German Hanoverian mare bred and owned by Kathleen Richardson of Sunnydays Hanoverians. Wred Alert was started under saddle by Emily Hill at 3 years of age. She was purchased by FEI Dressage rider and USDF Gold Medalist, Susan Pommer of Cadence Farm in Sonoma CA and she left her with Emily for an additional time for further training. She has since gone on to become a great partner for Susan showing successfully in CA. 

"Allie has been so much fun. She hasn't blinked wrong under saddle, she always tries really hard. We are now getting into some really consistent work and getting a true connection with each other. Good minds learn so quickly! I love Allie and have a great time riding her. Just want you to know that when I get off her there is a smile on my face that lasts all day."


/// Susan Pommer

Cadence Farm, Sonoma California USA

HUDSON: German Hanoverian gelding bred and owned by Sally and Gary Moore of Fox Hollow Stables. Hudson was stated lightly under saddle at 2.5 years old and introduced to free jumping by Emily Hill. He was purchased by FEI Event rider Dick Bayly of Two Hearts Farm in Kingston ON and recently featured in a Chevy truck commercial!

"We have started taking lessons with an FEI trainer/Grand Prix rider and he loves S.T.P; his character, his conformation, and his suspension. He thinks that he can win the FEI classes, and that he has the potentiel to become a Grand Prix horse in the future. All the people in the barn love him. It was a good decision to leave him you for you to work with him for some extra months. So proud of your work! I have such good memories about the way you are, about your ethic, and about your professional attitude toward the horse."


 /// Claude Morier

Les Ecuries St Etienne, Quebec Canada

S'IL TE PLAIT: German Hanoverian gelding bred by Dr. Ronald Tronicke and owned by Kathleen Richardson of Sunnydays Hanoverians. S'il Te Plait was started under saddly by Emily Hill at 3 years of age. He was purchased by dressage rider Claude Maurier of Les Écuries St-Étienne in QC. Claude left "S.T.P" for an additional few months of training with Emily and he has since gone on to become the Quebec Provincial Champion as an F.E.I 4 Year Old and F.E.I. 5 Year Old with scores over 80.00%. As a 6 year old in 2015 he was the year end Second Level Provincial Champion. 

Find your partner today!

"I purchased a 4 year old horse through Emily. She had been training the mare for four months. The mare was well cared for, kindly handled, and classically trained in dressage. Emily was honest, very professional, knowledgeable, and always courteous. It was a pleasure to deal with her as I gained knowledge on my future horse prospect. My mare has been wonderful to work with, due to her great beginnings with Emily! I would definitely purchase another horse from her in the future."


/// Janet Bone

Oakcrest Farm, Uxbridge Ontario Canada

MARKSMAN: German Hanoverian gelding bred and owned by Heather and Wayne Storms. Marksman was started under saddle by Emily Hill at 5 years of age. He collected back-to-back Ontario Provincial Championship titles with Emily at First and Second Level. He was purchased by FEI Dressage rider Stacey Porter of To The Max Dressage in Scottsdale AZ. He has since gone on to successfully compete with Stacey's daughter Alex at First and Second Level with scores over 72% and is now schooling Prix St. Georges with Stacey.

"Marksman is doing well. Alex took him to a show this summer and got scores in the 70s at First Level. They are taking the rest of the year to bond even more and work on Second and Third levels, and ride in some clinics. They are coming along nicely together. He is a sweetheart."


/// Stacey Porter

To The Max Dressage, Scottsdale Arizona USA

WISTERIA: German Hanoverian mare bred by Julie Campbell. Wisteria was started under saddle at 4 years old by Emily Hill. Purchased by dressage rider Janet Bone Wisteria has since going on to become a successful broodmare for Centuar Breeding Farm producing two foals and is now back under saddle continuing with her dressage career and competing at the national level. 

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