Our beautiful facility

Seeded turnout paddocks
Seeded turnout paddocks

Our beautiful indoor with GGT fiber
Our beautiful indoor with GGT fiber

Premium tested hay
Premium tested hay

Seeded turnout paddocks
Seeded turnout paddocks


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UpHill Dressage


UpHill Dressage is set in the gorgeous rolling hills of North Uxbridge in Ontario, Canada. Our Ontario farm is a lovely, bright, private new facility that offers clients a vast array of amenities:


  • 13' x 13' large box stalls with comfort stall mattress systems and large windows

  • individual or group full day turnout, summer time night turnout available 

  • heated watering systems in the turnout paddocks for 24/7 access to warm water

  • large over-seeded and fertilized horse paddocks with 5 strand electric and PVC fencing

  • hay, water, soil and paddock grasses are tested to verify what is entering our horses

  • a large indoor arena with premium German Geo Textile (GGT) fiber dressage footing 

  • a large outdoor 30 x 70 meter sand dressage arena

  • a fenced outdoor 20 x 40 meter grass dressage arena 

  • expansive turf hacking trails and fields for hacking

  • an elegant private apartment with staff living on site 24/7 above the horses

  • a large bright wash stall with hot and cold water

  • a heated viewing room overlooking the arena 

  • a heated barn washroom

  • stable laundry facilities 

  • a large heated tack room

  • CFIA approved CEM quarantine facilities 


Full board and training includes the following services: 

  • daily stall care with fresh pine shavings

  • access to high quality tested hay inside and outside 

  • access to tested fresh heated water inside and outside at all times

  • high quality grain fed two-three times daily with regular Nutritionist consultations

  • salt fed twice daily to encourage drinking

  • administration of any supplements and medications

  • blanketing and booting of horses for turnout

  • leg wrapping, handling for appointments etc. 

  • late night health checks with water and hay top ups every single night

  • 4-5 training sessions per week depending on horses age and development 

  • full training includes full grooming services with regular clipping